Importing Required Internship Course Content

The following instructions are for importing required content into your course if your course was added late or you accidentally deleted it from your existing course.  Otherwise, each semester this content will show up in your Canvas course automatically.   




1.  Import the Content from Canvas Commons:  To do this, first go into your existing internship course for the current semester course you wish to update.  On the left tab icon list on the left of your screen, select the commons icon (see below).  In the search bar of commons type in "utah valley " and two options will display.  You will select the required course contentDo not select the Internship Course Template. Next, check the box for your existing course and select "Import into Canvas" and Voilà!, the content has been imported.  


   A            Canvas Commons Import # 2              B             Required Content               C          Canvas Commons Import 2


2. Edit points and due dates: No pre-determined point values or due dates within each assignment have been set, so you can adjust these as necessary, but Canvas will automatically grade the assignments according to your assigned point values.  This means that students no longer need to submit completion codes .