Setting Up Your Employee Email

Note: A major email migration occurred over the holiday break (December 21st - January 1st). If you had previously set up your employee email, you will need to remove and re-add your email on each of your devices (except in Windows Outlook which requires a restart) now that the migration has occurred.  If you are having problems you can access your email through a web browser by logging in at (once it has been migrated) using your and your normal UVU password.

Choose Your Preferred Mail App

You can setup your UVU employee email on all of your devices to stay connected. Select your preferred mail app(s) for step by step instructions for adding your email.

Need Help?


Please contact the Service Desk with any questions or concerns.


Phone: (801) 863-8888 

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Accessing Your Employee Email Online

Outlook Online

Access your employee email anytime, on any browser, using Outlook Online. When signing in, be sure to enter your email address in the form of (i.e., You'll be redirected to an Office365 login menu where you'll enter your myUVU password to sign in.

Log into Outlook Online