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The CHSS Dean's office is located on the 2nd floor of the Liberal Arts building in LA 209. Our main telephone number is 801.863.7435. Our fax number is 801.863.7383. Our Mail Stop is 144. We are home to the following academic departments:



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21st Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemoration

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sorensen Student Center

For a full schedule of events check out the the commemoration website.


Mental Health Symposium: Focus on Perfectionism

Friday, January 23, 2015

Sorensen Student Center

For a full schedule of events check out the the symposium website.

UVU Conference on Addiction

Friday, February 27, 2015 • 9 AM - 4 PM

Sorensen Student Center

For a full schedule of events check out the conference website.

For a full calendar please check out the CHSS Events page


Terrorist ViolenceUVU to Host Symposium on Terrorist Violence and Free Expression

Utah Valley University is hosting a special symposium, titled “Terrorist Violence and Free Expression: France and Charlie Hebdo,” featuring UVU experts Gregory Jackson, Michael Minch and John Macfarlane, as well as Salt Lake Tribune cartoonist Pat Bagley will be held Jan. 26 in the Sorensen Student Center 206 b&c, beginning at noon and including four hour-long presentations.

Terrorist violence has deeply impacted the United States and other Western nations in the twenty-first century, leaving many with questions regarding its root causes and strategies for response; the recent deaths of 12 French citizens at the hands of religious extremists highlights the urgency of this challenge.

The goal of the symposium is to give those in attendance a greater understanding of Islam’s deep roots in France, the significance of the attack on the staff of “Charlie Hebdo,” the importance and limits of free speech and the potential outcomes of different responses, said Jackson, a lecturer in the University’s Integrated Studies Department and a specialist in the history of France.

“If we fail to recall that France ruled Algeria for 132 years — from 1830 until as recently as 1962 — we fail to see the complex connection of France to Muslim North Africa, and the long history of Islam in modern France,” said Jackson. “Because of this, no modern Western nation can offer as many historical insights on the co-existence and the tensions of Islam and Western societies.”

The symposium includes the following presentations:

- Noon — “Counter-Terrorrism: The Role of Ideology and Violence in the Paris Attacks,” presented by John MacFarlane, an academic adviser in the University’s History & Political Science Department - 1 p.m. — “Je suis Charlie et je suis Ahmed: 185 Years of Islam in France,” presented by Gregrory Jackson - 2 p.m. — “Provocation and Murder: Reflections on Direct and Indirect Violence,” presented by Michael Minch, director of the University’s Peace & Justice Studies Department - 3 p.m. — “From Paris to Provo: Cartooning and Terrorism,” presented by Pat Bagley, a nationally recognized and syndicated political cartoonist - 4 p.m. - Panel Discussion with John MacFarlane, Gregory Jackson, Michael Minch, and Pat Bagley

The symposium is co-hosted by the University’s Integrated Studies and Peace & Justice Studies; for more information contact Jackson (gjackson@uvu.edu or 801-863-8970) or Minch (MMinch@uvu.edu or 801-863-7482).

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Dean David YellsWelcome to the College of Humanities & Social Sciences at Utah Valley University. The College is proud to offer Associate and Bachelors Degrees in a wide range of disciplines housed in our seven departments. For more information on specific programs, please visit the departmental home pages.

Our faculty and staff are highly professional, highly motivated individuals who are committed to providing an exceptional undergraduate educational experience. Education in the College of Humanities & Social Sciences is provided in a wide range of formats. There are traditional lecture-based classes, laboratory classes, internships, and service learning opportunities. We offer a wide range of courses that fulfill General Education Requirements and courses that fill major requirements. We hope our students develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities to enable them to be successful participants in today's world.


The College of Humanities & Social Sciences offers degree programs and courses of study in several disciplines. Through superb teaching, students and graduates of the College acquire many of the intellectual and practical skills necessary for the workplace, for further professional and graduate study, and for participation in the community, in the nation, and globally. In the challenging, yet nurturing, environment of the classroom, and through undergraduate scholarship, research, and service-learning projects, our students have the opportunity to reach their academic and employment goals. Many of the College's graduates move right into the workforce, and many others continue their education in fields such as law, business, medicine, government, teaching, the social sciences.


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Classroom BuildingRendering of the Classroom Building

The new building is planned to include:

  • 236 offices
  • 32 classrooms, including two computer labs and three "experimental" (highly collaborative) classrooms
  • 6 conference rooms
  • 3 study rooms
  • 1 multi-purpose room (similar to Library's Lakeside room)
  • Multiple configurable "study zones" (think write-on glass, a few areas with monitors and/or whiteboards, and movable furniture)


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