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The College of Humanities & Social Sciences encourages engaged learning for our students. Engaged Learning in the Liberal Arts (ELLA) grants provide support for a broad range of student-centered, engaged-learning projects.

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Student Travel Form

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences occasionally provides small grants to current UVU students to help offset the cost of traveling to CHSS-related conferences.

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Sample Syllabus for Faculty

Faculty are required to provide a syllabus that outlines university policies, course objectives, and requirements, grading scales, an overall course schedule, and instructor contact information. Download a syllabus template below.

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Instructional Assistant (IA) Information

CHSS assigns Instructional Assistants (IA) to specific classes depending on specific criteria. On this page, you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions about having an IA in your classroom. Having an IA is a very rewarding experience as it gives faculty the opportunity to increase access to students, mentor students, and overall support student success in their classes.

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CHSS Teaching Committee

The purpose of the CHSS Teaching Committee is to promote and support excellence in teaching. The Committee provides observations of CHSS Faculty Teaching and offers other resources and teaching support when possible. The committee consists of at least one Voting Representative from each department, though additional representatives are always welcome. Contact the Committee Chair, Mandy Luszeck, with questions, comments, or ideas.

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Marketing, Design, & Editing Requests

Marketing request

Submitting a project is simple with us. Consider this your "one-stop" marketing form to help you think through your project (big or small) so we can help you more efficiently and effectively.

Use this form for digital signage, social media posts, emails to students, design, promoting a program or course, help with swag, marketing strategy, editorials (stories, blogs, etc.), photo, video, and any other marketing needs.

  • Depending on your needs, the price will vary. 
  • Timing varies depending on the scope of the project. 
  • Message us if you need more details about your project.
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Event Marketing Request

If you're having an event, let us make it a success by marketing it for you. Event marketing includes registration forms, invitations, ads, emails, posters, programs, etc.

  • Event marketing is free for your department or area, but your department or area will need to cover any printing or mailing fees.
  • Submit your request early. The sooner, the better, with a minimum of a month's notice. 
  • Requests that are submitted with insufficient notice may not be accepted.

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Website Request

Start your web project by submitting a request. The time and delivery of web projects vary based on the scope of the project and the number of other requests.

  • Most requests are free. However, more complicated website requests or design needs may have a charge.
  • Make sure to submit your requests as a ticket (not an email).
  • Minor content changes can be made in 1-3 business days.
  • Allow a minimum of two weeks for more extensive website changes, updates, and redesigns. This estimate does not account for approvals or additional modifications.

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Submit Marketing & Design Request

Please fill out and submit this form to open a task request with the marketing and design team assigned to CHSS. Please share and communicate key details of the projects. If assistance is necessary, please reach out directly to Candida Johnson. Thank you!


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Submit Communication Request

Use this form for all communications needs — submitting story ideas, requesting promotional help, and trying to garner public and media attention.


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College of Humanities and Social Sciences Style Guide

This style guide, which is based around the University style guide, provides content and design guidelines that will help create a unified look and voice for all college and department materials.




One-Time Funding Request

The dean's office in CHSS can provide one-time funding to support a variety of projects, with preference given to projects with a focus on student engaged learning. Fill out the form below to submit a request.

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