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BREAKING NEWS! Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security

The Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security was approved by the Utah Board of Regents in July 2014 and was approved by NWCCU in November! We are currently completing the necessary steps to accept formal applications to the program. In the meantime, check out Scroll down and click TRACK 5 | POST-BACCALAUREATE CERTIFICATE.

Check out the 5000- and 6000-level course offerings here:

Welcome to Information Systems & Technology!

In the information age in which we live, the most significant advances in business and organizations will be achieved through the strategic application of information technology.

The Information Systems & Technology Department (IS&T) prepares students how to become productive team players in today’s business world through balanced offering of certificates, associate, and bachelor’s degrees in Information Systems and Information Technology.

A very lucrative option for Business Management majors is to minor in Information Systems.

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