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As a faculty or staff member at Utah Valley University, we are all a critical component of "I CHOOSE TO RETAIN," a retention initiative underway at UVU. As the name suggests, each of us has a choice in whether or not we participate in suggested retention activities that can so dramatically impact student success.

To support and strengthen UVU campus personnel in this role, our office provides a variety of retention tools and programs. We strongly encourage you to use them and do your part to promote and support student success at UVU. After all, retention is everyone's job!


We are INNOVATIVE. We recognize the importance of making meaningful change and being adaptable based on student, departmental, regional, and university needs.

We are COLLABORATIVE. We value the ability to build and maintain supportive relationships across campus, with students, and the regional community.

We are INCLUSIVE. We seek to be mindful of providing services to students that ensures support for their unique needs.

We are PROFESSIONAL. We value integrity, respect, and maintaining high standards with a goal of establishing an environment of civility.

We are GROWTH-MINDED. We recognize the need to develop a "positive restlessness" that lends to continuous improvement based on data and assessment of our efforts.

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I Choose to Retain: Retention is everyone's job.