There are many reasons for needing to leave.

Just make sure you leave the right way.


At some point in your career at Utah Valley University, you may need to take some time away from your studies. Common reasons students choose to take a leave include: serving a religious or humanitarian mission, military service, family responsibilities, financial, employment, or medical reasons. If you have already enrolled in at least one class at UVU and need time off for one or more semesters, then you must fill out a leave of absence (LOA).

(If you return later than 7 semesters from the last time you were enrolled in classes (includes summers), you may be required to reapply for admission and pay an additional re-admission fee)

I have

registered for a class at UVU and I am an undergraduate student.

Leave of Absence


I have never

registered for a class at UVU and I need to defer my admission.

Deferred Admissions

Submitting an LOA isn't the same for everyone.

Be sure to do your research first.

International Students

Submitting an LOA may impact your visa status.

Do not submit a leave of absence. All international students must speak with International Student Services located in the Liberal Arts Building (LA 114) or call 801.863.8778 before making any changes to their enrollment to see how it may impact their visa status.

Graduate Students

Submitting an LOA affects graduate students.

All graduate students must complete the Graduate Student Leave of Absence form and have it approved by their graduate program director and the university’s Director of Graduate Studies if seeking to take a leave from their studies. Contact the Graduate Studies Office at 801.863.7348 with any questions.


High School Concurrent Enrollment Students

Submitting an LOA affects Concurrent Enrollment students.

Do not submit a leave of absence. All High School Concurrent Enrollment students must speak with the High School Concurrent Enrollment Registrar at 801.863.8376 or email if seeking to drop or withdraw from courses for the semester.

Benefits for Veteran Students

Submitting an LOA may impact your VA benefits.

Do not submit a leave of absence. Contact the Veteran Success Center at 801.863.8212 before making any changes to your enrollment status.

Students past the class withdrawal deadline

Meet with your academic advisor to obtain a
Withdrawal Exception Form.

If it is past the withdraw deadline your academic advisor must assist you with the "Withdrawing by Exception" process. 

Financial Aid and Satisfactory Academic Progress

Submitting an LOA affects your student aid.

Change in enrollment affects financial aid and satisfactory academic progress. If you are utilizing financial aid, you must meet with a financial aid counselor within 3 days of submitting a leave of absence.

Holding a Scholarship

You may be able to hold your scholarship for a later date.

When completing the leave of absence application a Scholarship Request to Hold form will appear. Print, complete, and upload the form and your required documentation to the Financial Aid  & Scholarships Office. You will be notified on the status of your request through your myUVU email within 30 days.

(Privately-funded scholarships, the Non-Resident Waiver, scholarships for students attending another college or university before coming to UVU, and the WUE cannot be placed on hold). 

Requesting a Refund

Submitting an LOA does not automatically get you a refund.

If it is past the 100% Refund Deadline when you submit your LOA, and you are seeking a refund, you must also complete a refund petition form and submit it to the Office of the Registrar located in the Browning Administration Building (BA 113).

Not sure if you've missed a deadline?

Check the semester timetables and find out.

Semester deadlines

Submitting a Leave of Absence

Make sure you've checked the section above.

  1. As you begin the LOA process, be sure to read the page carefully, making sure that you understand all of the available options before you move to the next section.
  2. Verify that all of your contact information is up-to-date. We will use this information to contact you to provide assistance when it is time for you to return.
  3. Upon submission, a Terms of Agreement will be sent to your myUVU email. This is a confirmation that your LOA was submitted successfully. If you did not receive the Terms of Agreement, contact the Leave of Absence Coordinator.

Submit a Leave of Absence

We're here to help you.

Find help and additional resources.

Submitting an LOA on a Student's Behalf

In order for parents, guardians, or spouses to submit an LOA on a student's behalf, a Student Information Release Authorization must be on file granting access to the student's account.

Student Information Release Authorization

Cancelling an LOA

If you are seeking to cancel your LOA the semester you submitted the LOA, you will need to contact the Registration Office to update your registration status.

If you are returning from an LOA after the semester(s) you submitted the LOA, all you need to do is register for classes. If you expereince difficulties registering for classes, contact the Registration Office. 

Registration Office

Returning from an LOA

1. If it has been longer than 7 semesters from the last time you were enrolled in classes (includes summers), you may be required to reapply for admission. It is preferred that you do this 4 months before the semester start date. There will be a $15 readmit fee.

2. Contact your academic advisor to begin the process for enrolling in classes.

3. Contact the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office if you have questions about applying for financial aid and/or reinstating a scholarship award that has been held. 


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