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As an independent academic activity, the study of criminal justice is comparatively new in United States. The first degree-granting program appeared only half a century ago, and fewer than 5,000 college students were enrolled in the study of crime and justice in the 1950s.

UVU's four-year criminal justice bachelors degree started in 2000 and has grown 200 percent within the last two years.

Upon completing a degree in Criminal Justice, students will gain skills and knowledge in:

  1. Interviewing witnesses and suspects.
  2. Crime scene processing.
  3. Patrol and basic field procedures.
  4. Criminal laws and procedures.
  5. Ethical issues in criminal justice.


Degrees in Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement prepare students for a myriad of different jobs. In today's job market, the Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement professions offer exciting and fulfilling career opportunities. Learn more

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