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Designing Your Career

Careers related to national security are among the fastest growing professions in the country. Utah has experiences tremendous growth in the national security sector and Utah's unique set of strengths has made it a common destination and recruitment source for national security employers. UVU provides students with the skills and experience needed to fill positions in the national security field.

UVU also assists students in preparing for advanced degree programs and careers in the fields with connections to national security studies such as law, international relations, military, homeland security, criminal justice, public administration, and political science.

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Student Engagement

UVU's Center for National Security Studies provides students invaluable opportunities to engage first-hand in national security issues. Students have opportunities to intern with:

  • National security departments and agencies of the federal government
  • U.S. Congress and its committees
  • State government agencies and offices
  • International organizations
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Think-tanks, non -profits, advocacy groups, and academic centers
  • Private sector companies

A National Security Studies education will provide students with valuable internship and career opportunities with public and private sector employers in Utah, Washington, D.C., across the United States, and abroad.

Students may also participate in the National Security Society student club and publish or serve on the staff of the UVU Journal of National Security.

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Center for National
Security Studies

Our country and world are beset by critical national security issues—from global terrorism to cyber security, persistent and destabilizing conflict, nuclear proliferation and weapons of mass destruction, piracy and global pandemics. Studying and engaging national security has never been more important, and UVU’s Center for National Security Studies helps students to understand these issues and make a contribution. Please join us in supporting this center.

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