This is an extraordinary change for GE and there is a lot of work involved. This timeline was developed to support advising, catalogue, and curriculum to ensure everything is in place correctly and in a way that does not harm students' ability to complete their programs, while providing time for faculty to discuss what is best for their program and students.

GE Program Change Timeline

Date Description
Feb 6, 2024 Expanded AAC to discuss GE changes
Early March 2024 Final Proposal Presentation to Faculty Senate
Late March 2024 Decision on GE changes at UVU
Mar 31, 2024 DUE - Program responses on choosing Option A (electives) or Option B (modify core)
May 15, 2024 Preferred Date – Changes to entered into CourseLeaf
Oct 15, 2024 Alternate Date – Changes entered into CourseLeaf
Nov 15, 2024 All changes approved and through the curriculum process