UVU Police would like to remind you that although UVU has a low crime rate, thefts do occur. Please do not leave valuables unattended at any time while on campus. These are items most commonly stolen: books, laptops, cell phones, purses etc.


Emergency Procedures

Report A Crime

Holding a Cell Phone
This allows you to report a crime, concern, or incident to the UVU Police Department.  For more immediate concerns please call UVU Police Dispatch at 801-863-5555.  All cases will be reviewed by an officer.
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Safety/Emergency Management

In the event of a Real Time Emergency/Disaster or Simulated Exercise, utilize this link for information related to the current incident taking place.

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Law Enforcement Oath and Code of Ethics

This is a test
Utah Valley University Law Enforcement officers take an oath of office. They also pledge to live by the Code of Ethics
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Mission Statement

Police Swearing In
The safety and well-being of our students, faculty, and staff are a high priority at Utah Valley University.
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Quick Links and Special Messages

Lost and Found Property:

Lost and Found is located at Campus Connection, which is in the Sorensen Student Center. Please check with lost and found prior to reporting an item missing or stolen.

Emergency Communication Plan

Automate External Defibrillator Location

Concealed Weapons

Utah Valley University complies with state law with regard to weapons on campus. Utah state law clearly states that a person may not possess a dangerous weapon, firearm, or sawed-off shot gun on school premises (Utah Code 76-10-505.5) except under certain conditions. One of these exceptions indicates that this criminal statute is not applicable if the person is authorized to possess a concealed firearm as provided by the Concealed Weapon Law. UVU abides by this law and accordingly allows concealed firearm permit holders to possess their concealed firearm on campus. There is nothing specifically set forth in the Utah statutes that allows a concealed firearm permit holder to carry that firearm openly on a college campus. State statute defines a concealed dangerous weapon as being covered, hidden, or secured in a manner that the public would not be aware of its presence (Utah Code 76-10-501). As an institution, UVU respects the right of its students and others to legally carry a concealed firearm under those parameters, as outlined by state law.


Security & Fire Safety Report - 2023

Daily Crime Log

Available upon request UVU Police GT-331

Officer Involved Critical Incident Protocol

OICI Agreement



UVU Police
Gunther Technology, Room 331

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Portrait of Chief Matt Pedersen

Chief Matt Pedersen

Director - Public Safety/Police Chief

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Portrait of Deputy Chief Jeff Long

Deputy Chief Jeff Long

Deputy Chief of Police - Public Safety

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