What is Action Learning?

Action Learning is learning by doing—but doing at the highest level possible.

At the university, it is the moving beyond the theory of the classroom and engaging the world around us to engage the mind, body, skill and genius of the student––that is the magic of learning.

Action Learning is dynamic, passionate learning that uses the high perception and reasoning of the student in pursuing understanding and engages that understanding to bring about positive change and increased knowledge, while addressing pressing needs and complexities of our world—mechanically, physically, spiritually, socially, politically, economically and relationally.



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Community of Action Learners

 The Office of Student Action Learning creates Action Learning Communities. Action learning is learning outside the "box." While concepts can be studied and discussed in a classroom, an action learner moves outside the classroom to engage the world.

As the student moves from the classroom to the world, it necessitates the use and development of aggressive listening and watchful perceiving, strategic planning and leading, reflective understanding and visioned building.

In short, the passive learner becomes the dynamic, engaged learner and performer. The action learner doesn't just mimic the viewed performance, they do and build on what they are engaged in.

As a student at UVU, you have the opportunity to work and learn with other students in such a dynamic learning environment by creating your own Action Learning Community. The Office of Student Action Learning (OSAL) assists you in building that community and in creating and facilitating professional and community partnerships that will engage your mind and skills at the highest level. Visit the OSAL to get started.

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Action Learning Communities

An Action Learning Community (ALC) is a student lead engaged learning community. An ALC is created with the express purpose of pursuing higher-learning by engaging in focused activities which naturally bring greater understanding and skill to the students and their community of learners.

ALC's move beyond just meeting, talking and engaging in regular activities; they actively engage the entire student in stretching, creating and becoming as they create engaged learning experiences.

Working together, often with Action Learning Community Partners, such engaged learners are an Action Learning Community. Contact the Office of Student Action Learning to create your Action Learning Community! Join or create your own Action Learning Community Now!

Some possibilities:

AnimationCookingCrossword puzzles DrawingFly fishingGenealogyGeo-trackingGolfingHealth and fitness • International travelJewelry makingLocal Adventure Travel SitesMountain bikingMusical compositionNASCAR/High Performance RacingNational Park adventuresOil painting Parenting strategiesPersonal historiesPersonal improvementPhotographyRoad bikingRock crawling (trucks)Stained-glass CreationsScrapbookingScuba DivingSculptureWater color paintingVR and VX interactivity!Writing your own book • and more of your interest and creation • 


Action Learning Leaders

Action Learning Leaders are trained by the Office of Student Action Learning and work with campus faculty and professional partners to create action learning expeditions and experiences. These experiences have the natural effect of building professional ties to those in the community, school spirit, culture enrichment and promoting degree completion. Action Learning Leaders design and coordinate Activities which:

  • Cultivate a strong personal desire and commitment to a UVU education and degree completion;
  • Foster an attitude which supports personal growth and development;
  • Foster effective approaches for study, deep learning and life-long learning;
  • Establish meaningful and supportive relationships with professional partner companies and professionals;
  • Build and facilitate action learning activities which reveal and engage student genius.

Contact the Office of Student Action Learning to become an Action Learning Leader. All trained Action Learning Leaders who successfully complete their training, receive compensation, professional endorsements and incredible networking opportunities with professional partners who are the best in their field.

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