Adult Learners

No matter where life has taken you, you will always have a place at UVU. Whether you are looking to come back after a break, attending college for the first time, looking for a new promotion, or want to set an example for your kids, UVU is here to help you succeed.

In the Nation
"Best Return on Investment"
  • Business Insider’s No. 3 ranking is evidence of UVU’s commitment to maintaining affordability and accessibility to students, especially to those from traditionally underrepresented groups in the university’s service region.”
    President Astrid S. TuminezUtah Valley University President

Thriving Adult Learner Community

29% of UVU students are adult learners (age 25+)

14% of UVU students support at least one child

82% of UVU students
are employed

Hear From Other Students

Monique Barr

“Utah Valley University is a wonderfully diverse and vibrant campus full of gritty, passionate people like me — people who are looking for a second chance at an education.”

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Kari Dennis

“When I wanted to quit, I had six little eyes looking at me. I finished because of them. I couldn’t quit. I may have wanted to, but I couldn’t quit.”

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Thomas Perry

“But just being in a career where I can use my writing talents would be exceptional compared to what I have done before. And so, in the fall of 2019, I became a 33-year-old freshman.”

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  • I love the environment at UVU. I came back to school to get my bachelor’s degree at 42, and I felt welcomed and accepted during my time here. The students and teachers were respectful, and I felt like I belonged at UVU. I’m really glad I went back to school because I valued my education more. I was more mature and I worked harder because I had a different perspective from my first time in school, which helped me to succeed.”
    Jennifer ShipleyArt and Design '21

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