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Another semester of engaged learning experiences is about to begin at UVU! Whether you’re taking online or in-person classes, or trying a hybrid schedule, countless academic opportunities are ready to be explored. Reach your goals the Wolverine way!

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UVU students on campus in warm weather

Did You Know?

In-state tuition pricing applies to all UVU students during summer semester!




April 29


When Can I Register for Summer?

You must be a current student to register. Your registration date depends on how many credit hours you’ve earned:

  • Monday, Feb. 12: 110+ credits
  • Tuesday, Feb. 13: 100+ credits
  • Wednesday, Feb. 14: 80+ credits
  • Thursday, Feb. 15: 60+ credits
  • Friday, Feb. 16: 30+ credits
  • Monday, Feb. 19: 15+ credits
  • Tuesday, Feb. 20: 0+ credits

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