Who Are Considered UVU Alumni?

UVU alumni are any student who earned a diploma, certificate, associate degree, bachelor’s degree, or master’s degree from Utah Valley University or any of its previous names (CUVS, UTTI, UTC, UVCC, UVSC, or UVU) since 1941.



What Is the UVU Alumni Association?

The UVU Alumni Association is a volunteer organization chartered under the Foundation Board, a Utah non-profit corporation. All officers and members of the board are elected and serve without financial remuneration. The board determines policy, reviews programs, directs the generated funds of the association, and provides feedback, suggestions, and support to the university administration.

UVU Alumni Association Board of Directors

The UVU Alumni Association Board assists in the Office of Alumni Relation's strategic thinking. This helps us create a better experience for the UVU Alumni Community. Board members are advocates for the university, support UVU Alumni programs, and assist with fundraising.