Akwasi Frimpong '13

Akwasi Frimpong '13

The Extraordinary Journey of a Wolverine Trailblazer

Meet Akwasi Frimpong '13, a relentless force who began his remarkable journey in Kumasi, Ghana. At age eight, he moved to the Netherlands with his mother. There, he won the Dutch junior championship with only two years of running experience. Akwasi's passion for running catapulted him to unprecedented heights, earning him the distinction of being the first Black male skeleton athlete from Africa and the first from Ghana to compete in the Winter Olympics.


Utah Valley University: A Transformative Chapter

Seeking opportunities beyond the Netherlands, Akwasi embarked on a life-changing venture to the United States, armed with an athletics scholarship from Utah Valley University (UVU). At UVU, he found a home that nurtured his potential, surrounded by professors, coaches, and peers who propelled him to break records both in the school and nationally.

"UVU gave me a home to be myself and allowed me to excel as a student-athlete," Akwasi reflects. "It was as if UVU saw my inner potential and tried to squeeze all of it out of me to reach the next level."


A Legend in His Own Right: Making Olympic History

Akwasi's journey to the Olympics was not without setbacks. Undeterred, he founded the Bobsleigh and Skeleton Foundation of Ghana, showcasing his commitment to his roots. In the 2018 Winter Olympics, he made history and secured 30th place overall in skeleton. Despite a setback in 2022 due to COVID-19, Akwasi is now gearing up for the Milano-Cortina 2026 Olympics to become Africa’s first Winter Olympics medalist.


Beyond the Podium: Hope of a Billion

Driven by his unwavering support system, Akwasi, alongside his wife, established the Hope of a Billion Foundation. Their mission is to inspire underserved children worldwide to pursue their dreams. Another testament to his commitment to giving back, Akwasi served on the UVU Alumni Association Advisory Board from 2016 to 2023, consistently contributing both his time and resources to empower the UVU community.

He says, “Serving on the board was both a privilege and an honor. I owe a heartfelt thank you to all the board members who supported me along the way, enabling me to serve our community and the incredible students of UVU. Together, we are making a difference.”


A Wolverine Inspires: Exceptional Care, Accountability, and Results

Akwasi embodies UVU’s core values of exceptional care, accountability, and results. His indomitable spirit continues to inspire the UVU community and beyond. Join us in supporting UVU students in their pursuit of excellence.