Clay Cooper '16

Clay Cooper '16

Clay Cooper '16

At Utah Valley University, Clay Cooper '16 discovered ideas and philosophies that guided his personal growth. His key takeaway? "Do the right thing, especially when it's hard." This principle shines through Clay's career, family life, and passion project, Discovery Deadlift LLC.

Pursuing His Passion

Clay founded Discovery Deadlift to improve his mental and physical well-being through powerlifting and the outdoors. What started as a simple deadlift session on the shores of Utah Lake has evolved into a journey spanning 11 US states and over 250 unique locations.

Through social media, Clay shares deadlifting tips, mental health insights, and breathtaking vistas from his sessions. Over the years, he has cultivated a "community of like-minded individuals who have found strength and perspective in doing difficult things." This growing community inspires people to embrace nature and try new challenges.

Finding Support

In addition to Discovery Deadlift, Clay thrives as the VP of Distribution at Trove Brands. His colleagues support his professional growth while allowing him to pursue his passion. However, Clay's greatest inspiration comes from his partner and wife, Amanda, and their two children, who have shaped him and his work.

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