Julie Hafen '06

Julie Hafen '06

Reach Down to Pull Another Up

Living by the mantra, "Most successful people reach down to pull others up," Utah Valley University (UVU) alumna Julie Hafen '06 is inspiring the next generation of aviators. As the first in her family to pursue a career in aviation, Julie faced numerous challenges but persevered with the support of her loved ones and mentors at UVU.

Uplifting UVU Aviators

After graduating from the UVU School of Aviation in 2006, Julie embarked on her journey, logging countless flight hours before landing her dream job at Delta Air Lines, where she continues to soar today. Driven to uplift aspiring pilots, Julie became the president of the UVU Aviation Alumni Chapter, creating a platform for mentorship and networking.

Twice a year, the chapter hosts events where students and alumni connect with industry leaders from top airlines. These invaluable opportunities allow aspiring aviators to seek guidance and advice from experienced professionals. Julie's efforts have fostered a thriving, close-knit community of UVU aviation enthusiasts.

Julie’s Message to Alumni

Her message to fellow alumni is clear: "Give back. There are students who need your particular advice and expertise — help that only you can offer." Whether attending chapter events or speaking at the School of Aviation, Julie believes every contribution makes a profound impact. "It may seem small to you, but it will be big to the student whom you were able to help."

Through her unwavering commitment to mentorship and community-building, Julie Hafen '06 exemplifies the spirit of a Forever Wolverine, reaching down to pull others up and paving the way for the next generation of aviation pioneers.