Why Should You Get One?

When you get a Utah Valley University (UVU) license plate, not only are you showing your Wolverine spirit, but you’re also giving to scholarships that help current students. This is an affordable and stylish way to give back to Utah Valley University. A UVU license plate is only *$25 a year, which is just a little more than $2 a month! All $25 goes directly to scholarships.

Note: An annual tax-deductible $25 donation will be included when you renew your car registration.




Already Have One?

If you already have a UVU license plate, THANK YOU! Your contribution has helped us raise thousands for scholarships, which has helped many students.



Read our Frequently Asked Questions page or give us a call at 801-863-8179.


student holding uvu license plate

How to Order

    • Select Change Your Plates then complete the validation steps.
    • Under plate information for "I want to order a", choose Special Group Plate.
    • If you wish to personalize your plate, select Yes. Otherwise select No.
    • For plate type, choose Utah Valley University.
    • Continue through payment and submission.

        — OR —

  1. VIA MAIL FROM THE DMV: Mail the following to the DMV: note indicating your desire to obtain the Utah Valley University collegiate plate, copy of your current vehicle registration, and check (add $4 for postage and handling to the non-personalized or personalized plates cost listed above). If you desire personalized plates, include a completed TC-817 form (in section 3 check the Utah Special Group Plate box and type/write Utah Valley University). Find the mailing address at dmv.utah.gov/plates/uvu.
  2. AT THE DMV: Request a special group plate for Utah Valley University. Bring a copy of the most recent vehicle registration, license plate number, or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
  3. AT THE DEALERSHIP: When purchasing a car, ask the dealership to check “Other” in Section 4 of the Vehicle Application for Utah Title and fill in the blank line with “Utah Valley University.” All Utah car dealerships have the ability to request UVU plates for a buyer.