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The Utah Valley University Alumni Job Shadow Program is an opportunity for students to spend part of their day (in-person or virtually) with UVU alumni working in careers they are interested in pursuing after graduation.



This is an opportunity for you to host students at your organization for a day (in-person or virtually) to provide industry and career insights. Giving your time by volunteering can make a real and positive impact on a student!

APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED! Still want to connect with fellow alumni or help students navigate their career journey? Check out Wolverine Connect and stay tuned to and our social media to learn about other ways to stay involved to UVU!



This is your chance to get real-world experience, explore a field of interest, and build your network in a professional environment with a UVU alum!

APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED! Still want to connect with alumni? Check out Wolverine Connect and stay tuned to and our social media to learn about other ways to stay involved to UVU!


See Feedback From Past Years


IN 2022

Six images of UVU alumni and students at job shadow

Much thanks to Rachel Waters, Skyler Stratford, David Dekker, Mehmet Monis, Krista Winward, and Jill St. Clair for allowing us to use their images.

Our first annual Job Shadow Program was a success! With over 200 participants, we matched many students and alumni together to create a meaningful and hands-on experience. Alumni from 28 industries offered their time and experience to over 100 students. Because the program was offered in person as well as virtually, we had alumni participants from 11 states and 2 countries: the US and Jordan. One student was also offered an internship, and alumni let our team know about three more opportunities. Look below to read about some students’ and alumni’s experiences. Thank you to everyone who participated, and we hope to see you again next year!

Hear About the Experience

“I had such a great experience. My alum was awesome to work with and really catered the experience to me and what I'm interested in, and introduced me to a lot of people who were also really kind to answer questions I had.” — Student
“I thought the experience was great! The student is a talented kid, willing to listen and learn. I feel like I was able to give him great information on the banking / lending / finance industry the has real world applicability. I look forward to staying in touch with the student. I also look forward to other job shadow opportunities with UVU students. I think it could also be a mutually beneficial relationship for future employment opportunities. Thanks for the experience.” — Alum in the Finance/Banking - Commercial Banking Industry
“I had a wonderful experience shadowing my alum. I got to witness a session with a client, and then she showed me what the behind-the-scenes of a clinical therapist's job looks like. She was able to help answer my questions about grad school, licensing, and private practice, as well as give me insight into what the life of a therapist is like. I have only positive things to say about the program.” — Student
“Was a great experience. She asked great questions and we both felt like it was productive and a good meeting to have. She asked about what she could do to prepare for the workforce and we talked about what the workload was like. I learned more about what UVU is doing to prepare students for the career I'm in and what to look for when interviewing these students who are working for work.” — Alum in the Technology - Software Industry


IN 2023

Four images from the 2023 Job Shadow Program. Two are of mentor pairs, one of an airplane fan, and another of some compost. 

In its second year, the Utah Valley University (UVU) Alumni Job Shadow Program continued to exemplify engaged learning by providing alumni and students the opportunity to connect for career exploration. The program allowed many UVU students to receive industry and career insights from UVU alumni working in their fields of interest.

Throughout the month of January, alumni met with students in-person or virtually. All were invited to participate, including alumni who live outside of Utah. In fact, alumni across 10 states and 23 industries were represented! A couple of students were even offered a job or internship after participating.

Read Participants’ Testimonials

“The student was very professional and presentable. It was wonderful connecting with a new Wolverine, and I’m grateful to give back to the next generation!” — UVU Alum
“The alum was very open and welcoming. Her willingness to share the details of the day-to-day activities of her career really helped me clarify whether fieldwork is something I want to go into. I really appreciate her sharing her time, experience, and knowledge.” — Student
“It was an honor and a pleasure to contribute to the education of science students by showing them practical scientific applications of composting at a university level. If I can ever be shadowed by any other students, I would be happy to do so.” — UVU Alum
“This experience was amazing, and he spent the time really helping me understand what I wanted to do in the future and how to make that possible with my future career.” — Student
“I thought it went well! This is my second year doing it and I love it.” — UVU Alum
“I got to experience what a day in the life of a software developer is like and I really enjoyed it. It made me excited to enter the field.” — Student


For questions about the UVU Alumni Job Shadow Program, please contact Tiffany Sheth, Assistant Director, Strategic Projects, UVU Office of Alumni Relations.

We are proud to partner with the Career & Internship Center and Center for Engaged Learning on this program.