Wolverine Connect


Two women, one Ukrainian and one Thai, sit against a green background with the words Wolverine Connect above them.


Making Connection, Building Community




Wolverine Connect is a place meant for professional development between UVU alumni and students. It’s a place where you can get job-seeking advice or find management tips from others in your industry. You can mentor others and be mentored yourself. Here, you are among your peers. Through this platform, we hope you will foster relationships that last and improve everyone involved both professionally and personally. Together, we can make connections and build a strong community.


Getting Started

To create an account, you will need to sign up through an email address or your LinkedIn profile. You will then give some initial information about yourself, your experience, and where you are in your career. Be sure to upload a picture, too! Please note that your account may need to be approved, which may mean that you need to wait before diving in.

On your submission page, select "Choose Enhance Profile." On your profile page under "Almost There," you can continue the process of adding information that will help you connect with alumni and students at UVU.