Our Mission

To cultivate the creation and appreciation of visual art, we foster creative confidence, critical thinking, interdisciplinary collaboration, and cultural responsibility. We follow these principles to accomplish our mission:

Visual Literacy - We encourage the development of strong visual literacy among students of the visual arts. We support the study of history, culture, technology, and trends to this end.

Professional Excellence - In preparing visual art students for careers in a broad market, we support and expect excellence and professionalism.

Creative Diversity - While teaching techniques, styles, and practices is an important part of our programs, we support a diversity of ideas and individual expressions among students in their creative work. We promote artistic freedom and seek to preserve cultural identity through creative production, exhibition, and historical research.

Faculty / Staff


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Art Education

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Art History

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Entertainment Design

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Graphic Design

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Painting & Drawing

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Sculpture & Ceramics

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Professor Emeritus

Portrait of Steven Bule

Steven Bule, PhD

Professor Emeritus, Art History

Professional Profile

Shortly after joining the UVU faculty in 1999, Steve Bule introduced new art history courses to the curriculum and later helped create the Art History minor and major degrees. He served in a number of capacities, including Department Chair (2007–2010), Associate Dean of the School of the Arts (2010–2014), and chair of the International Study Abroad Advisory Committee (2005–2017). He’s most proud of the seventeen study abroad programs he directed to Italy, beginning in 2002. Over three hundred students participated in those programs studying art and architecture history. Over a teaching career spanning thirty-nine years, he advised a number of graduate students, honors students, and integrated studies students. Dr. Bule’s publications and presentations have focused on Italian Renaissance sculpture, Matteo Civitali, the art of Lucca, and early LDS profile painter, Sutcliffe Maudsley. An international symposium on Italian sculpture he organized in 1988 has met every four years at a number of locations around the country.

Portrait of Bob deWitt

Bob deWitt

Professor Emeritus, Studio Art, 3D Computer Modeling, & Art History

Professional Profile

Starting when the art program was in its infancy and the University was still known as Utah Technical College, Bob deWitt was the sole full-time art faculty for many years. As a consequence of his 37 years of teaching at the Institution, Bob shepherded the program from a few studio classes, two art history classes, and an art appreciation class to the largest art program in the state of Utah with 22 full-time instructors and a full slate of on-campus and on-line courses. He skillfully avoided becoming the Chair during all those years in order to focus on teaching, specializing especially on the Art and Architecture of the Ancient World, 3D Computer Modeling, and Drawing courses; although he did serve as the Area Coordinator until the program became a Major and was housed in the School of the Arts. Along with teaching studio and art history courses, he introduced the first figure-drawing courses, the first travel-study experiences, the first on-line courses, and the first 3D computer modeling course. He is justly proud of his contributions to the development of the Art Department over the years and of the fact that he never missed a single day of teaching in 37 years.

Professional Associations

Professional associations provide information, conferences, workshops, competition and presentation opportunities, and networking support for artists, designers, art historians, and art educators pursuing professional careers. Many of these associations offer student memberships at discounted rates. Here is a sampling of national and Utah associations related to Art & Design.