UVU Aviation degree programs are available online. The convenience and affordability of the UVU Aviation online degree makes it an ideal choice for a wide variety of students. Courses are structured with flexibility built-in, following a semester schedule and 24/7 access. Students with a full-time job or busy schedule can earn a degree.

Our broad online student demographic includes current airline pilots and employees returning to finish their degree, transfer students from 2-year institutions, new students looking to earn a college degree while in flight training, and many other student types. The UVU Aviation online program can accommodate students in all stages of life and in any part of the world.

In order to complete the flight training requirements for the Professional Pilot Bachelor Degree or our Associate Degrees, online students can select a flight school in their local area that best meets their needs and complete the UVU online degree requirements simultaneously, or receive direct transfer credit for FAA pilot certificates earned prior to entering the UVU program.

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Aviation Online Degrees