In Demand

According to Boeing, hundreds of thousands of aviation industry jobs will need to be filled in the next 20 years. Trained industry professionals are in demand to help meet this need. The hiring surge has already begun.

Career Oriented

While a 4-year degree is definitely important, it does not automatically qualify you for the job you want. Your education at UVU helps you gain experience in your field through internships, earn necessary industry certifications, receive mentoring by experienced faculty, and connects you with networks that boost you on your career path.


Aviation has always been one of the “cutting-edge” fields in modern industry. As it enters a period of unprecedented growth, be a part of a field that literally connected the world well-before the internet and continues to thrive on innovation.


The School of Aviation Sciences at Utah Valley University has been in operation since 1988, supplying the aviation industry with thousands of graduates. Whether students attend in person or online, they can count on professional support and advisement.


Course curriculum is available in both traditional and online format. Online courses provide flexible 24/7 access to allow students to plan around a busy schedule and still achieve their academic goals.


Compare UVU's tuition costs to those of competing programs. Both traditional and online students will receive a quality education at a competitive price.