Aaron Organ - Aviation Management Graduate

"I was able to accept this job offer and continue finishing my school online"

Aaron Organ is a 2018 graduate of the Aviation Management Bachelor Degree program at the UVU School of Aviation Sciences. His career progression, however, began well-before he graduated. In the midst of his studies on campus in Provo, Utah, he applied for and was awarded an internship in Alexandria, Virginia with the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) in Summer 2017. By the end of the Summer internship, AAAE offered him a full-time position as a Coordinator of Training and Business Development.

Encouraged and supported by his employer, Aaron was able to take advantage of UVU Aviation's online degree program and continue progressing toward his Bachelor degree while working full-time in Virginia. Graduating with over a year of valuable experience in his chosen field of study, Aaron has since moved back to Utah and continues his full-time position with AAAE, working remotely and returning to their headquarters once a quarter.

UVU allows for such flexibility and strongly supports "engaged learning" as one of its core themes. The School of Aviation Sciences strongly encourages its students to seek out internships, work experience, and other opportunities as early as possible, rather than waiting for graduation. When they do so, their education can continue via online courses, providing immediate opportunities to apply principles learned.