Bridger Nemeth - UVU Alumnus

Bridger Nemeth - UVU Alumnus

"I think a phrase/quote that consistently helped me to push through the long hours of college and the consistent training is, 'Do not fear the journey, enjoy the ride.'

Like anything in life that is worth doing, it takes some time and effort. Theres no get rich quick scheme that will produce satisfaction like hard work and dedication to an ultimate goal. If you just enjoy the process, 'ride' and do not consistently think of how long it might take to get to your ultimate goal, it will be reached, and you would have had fun and learned multiple lessons along the way."

Utah Valley University’s nationally renowned Aviation program has taught and provided thousands of students with jobs in the Aviation field within months of their respective graduations. More than 92% of graduated Aviation students are able to be placed in jobs soon after graduation and then progress through their field to end up in their desired positions. Bridger Nemeth is one of those UVU Aviation Science alumni.

Nemeth grew up in Driggs, Idaho and first attended the University of North Dakota for his freshman year of college. But after taking his first flight in Utah, Bridger decided to transfer to Utah Valley University and start in Aviation Sciences Program. He then graduated in the Spring of 2016 with a Bachelor’s in Aviation, an Associate in Science, and an Associate in Applied Science.

“Let’s just keep it in the family” was Bridger’s response as he talked about one of his motivating factors to becoming a pilot. His passion for aviation was built not only by the love of flying, but also from the examples of an uncle who was a pilot and also served in the United States Air Force, aunts who were flight attendants, and a cousin who is currently serving in the Air Force as well as American Airlines.  

When talking about his career after graduation, Bridger says he was able to find a job almost immediately. Right after graduation, he was hired on as a flight instructor at UVU and then a Line Technician at the Provo Airport. By 2018, he began to work for SkyWest Airlines and flew CRJ 200, CRJ 700, and CRJ 900 and also taught Flight Training Device (FTD) which is a flight simulator program for nearly two years. FTD helps to teach flight procedures in a controlled environment.

Nemeth worked at SkyWest until February 2022, when he then moved to United Airlines, and has been there since. When asked about what life is like with a family while being a pilot, Nemeth talked about all the ways it has worked perfectly for him and his family. He is currently married with two kids and said at times he is basically a stay-at-home dad, getting anywhere between 12-17 days off between flights.  “If you want to be gone all the time you can, but if you want to be home you can be,” he says.

“If you’re going to do it, make sure your committed. You don’t want to get into it and leave partway through. Do it wholeheartedly.” Though this is good advice for anything you are doing in life, this was the biggest advice Nemeth wanted to give to all future and current aviation students.

Nemeth says he would definitely recommend UVU and their aviation program to anyone. The aviation program at UVU provides structure and additional knowledge for those who know some about aviation and those who know none at all. “It always seemed to me that each instructor that I worked with, and professor, would make every effort to ensure you had the needed materials and knowledge to succeed and were always willing to give their time,” he says of his experience at UVU.

If one wants to be a successful pilot, working for successful airlines, Utah Valley University’s Aviation program is definitely a great place to start, shown perfectly by Bridger Nemeth.