Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight

Donovan Sorenson - Class of 2012

US Navy Pilot

Describe one of your typical workdays.

A work day normally consists of either flying a mission flight or doing a ground job leading maintenance evolutions.

How many hours do you work in a typical week? 


What parts of your job do you find to be professionally challenging?

The long days are sometimes hard, however the flying makes up for it.

What do find most enjoyable? 

Flying to cool places and conducting air-to-air refueling in such a big plane is always fun.

Are there any downsides to your job? 

Not that I have found yet.

The aviation industry is always changing. What have you seen from inside the military? Where do you think the changes will happen in the next five years?

There are many changes that could happen in the military line of things— different planes have drawbacks. However, being a naval aviator is the most rewarding job I've done.

What is the typical salary for a person in your position in the company?

$40,000-$60,000 a year

What educational preparation would you recommend for someone who wants to advance in this field?

A BS in just fine; some pilot training is encouraged before applying.

What qualifications do you seek in a new hire?

A great attitude and a 4-year degree.