Travis Biggs - UVU Aviation Alumni

Travis Biggs - UVU Aviation Alumni

"My UVU education has prompted and invigorated me to become much more involved in local, national, and even international affairs."

How did you get involved in aviation and what made you select it as a career?

When I first started college, I thought I wanted to be a dentist. However, after realizing that I did not like chemistry or working indoors all day, I started looking into other career options.  One of my friends at UVU had obtained his pilots license and recommended I try flying.  All my friends said they could see me being a pilot, it seemed to match my personality.  As soon as I started taking aviation classes, my grades went from terrible to incredibly good.  I loved my aviation classes.

What made you select UVU for your degree? How has your degree & education at UVU helped you in your career pursuit?

I decided to pursue aviation because to me it represents adventure, excitement, freedom and fun.  I loved the variety of career opportunities in the field of aviation. I had always wanted to go to UVU, because the degrees they offer seem to be tied into actual careers. I like all the hands on careers they promote (ie construction, nursing, fire fighting etc).  I ended up graduating in Aviation Administration, and I use almost everything I learned in most of my classes all the time in my day to day work.

How has aviation changed you as a person?

Aviation has changed me as a person because I see the world differently. Aviation connects people, businesses and governments all over the world.  My UVU education has prompted and invigorated me to become much more involved in local, national and even international affairs.  I find myself interested in what is going on and how things are being accomplished.  I am far more confident in my abilities and realize that I am (often) just as able to help solve problems as anyone else. I am far more likely to help change or improve things than before I received my education.

What advice would you give to those considering aviation as a career?

My advice to anyone pursuing a career in aviation is to explore.  Every single person in my intro to aviation class said they wanted to be an airline pilot, which is fine.  If you think you know what you want to be then go check out different airlines, they are not all the same. Talk to pilots who fly for different airlines.  What do they like and not like about it?  There are so many different opportunities for people interested in aviation.  Airport management has so many different aspects it's crazy.  You can focus on finance, airport engineering, noise abatement, or be an attorney specializing in aviation law.  Almost any interest or other major can be tied into aviation.  I've involved students at our little local airport that are interested in art, logo design, engine mechanics, business, construction and more.  Aviation has everything.

Travis graduated from UVU in 2014 and is currently the Assistant Manager of the Heber Valley Airport in Heber, Utah.