Two UVU Aviation students to attend UAA Policy Seminar in Washington D.C.

The UVU School of Aviation Sciences is pleased to award scholarships to students Braden Lelegren and Tyler Gehrig in the amount of $1,250 each to attend the University Aviation Association Policy Seminar in Washington D.C. on January 3-6, 2017. To be considered, they were required to submit an essay and complete some required readings. Upon completion of the seminar, they must submit a six page paper on what they learned.

Seminar Overview
During the first full week of January each year, approximately 40 to 50 students from UAA member institutions converge in Washington, DC for the UAA Aviation Policy Seminar. The students and faculty facilitators spend the week traveling around DC to visit the leaders of industry associations, the NTSB, the FAA, and Congressional staff. Attendees learn or gain a better understanding of how these leaders interact in establishing aviation policy. The seminar offers valuable insight into how the students and faculty can participate in the process now and in the future. Other highlights of the week may include visits to the NTSB Flight Recorder and Materials labs.