Zach & Josh Johnson - Twin Brothers, UVU Flight Students

Zach & Josh Johnson - Twin Brothers, UVU Flight Students

Zach and Josh Johnson are brothers and current students in the UVU School of Aviation Sciences. While having two siblings in the program at the same time is definitely unique, the fact that they are also twins makes for a compelling story. We caught up with them and asked a few questions.

How did you get involved with aviation and what made you select it as a career?

Zach: "Both Josh and I got involved in aviation after high school. We had initially decided to be pilots on our 6th birthday when our parents took us on a Southwest airlines flight to California to visit family. I remember the flight and the flight crew and passengers sang happy birthday to us and it was a memorable experience."

Josh: "Being a pilot was something I've always wanted to do, even as a kid. So it wasn't difficult to decide what to do as a career when it came down to choosing a career."

What are your future career plans in aviation?

Zach: "We both want to fly for the airlines one day and UVU has really helped with our goals to achieve that. My future career plans for aviation include going to SkyWest Airlines. From there, I want to move up to a major carrier, whether it's Delta, United, etc. My ultimate goal is to fly a Boeing aircraft. I don't have a preference to which one, as long as it's Boeing."

Josh: "My future career plans in aviation is to fly for the major airlines. That's what I've always wanted to do." climbing aboard

What made you select UVU for your flight training & degree? How did you first hear about UVU’s flight program?

Zach: "I actually selected UVU when I was checking out another flight school in Arizona. I was on an intro flight and the chief instructor was talking to my dad. He asked where we were from and my dad said Salt Lake City. The chief instructor asked why we were down in Arizona when UVU was so close to home. I didn't know about that conversation until later. When we were at the Phoenix airport ready to fly back to Salt Lake, I was looking around in a book store when I saw an aviation magazine. I opened it up and the first thing I saw was an add for UVU. That's when I decided to check out UVU and it was perfect for me."

Josh: "I chose UVU for my flight training because my brother had already started the program. And besides, UVU has the best flight program in the world!"

What stage are you in with your flight training? What is your projected graduation date?

Zach: "I'm currently a CFI at UVU and I'm still taking classes for my degree. I'm about another year and a half from graduation."

Josh: "I just barely finished my commercial-multi engine rating."

What do you enjoy most about pilot training and/or the UVU degree program?

Zach: "What I enjoy the most from aviation from UVU are the different types of flying conditions we get to train in. We train in a mountainous area with a lot of different weather conditions. I feel like I experience it all and I have learned from various different conditions."

Josh: "What I enjoy most from the program is how much the instructors helped me. They also made it fun, which is important."

What is the most challenging aspect of flight training?

Zach: "Probably the cost of actually doing it. Being diligent with studying definitely takes practice as well. The more you study, the cheaper the flight training can be."

Josh: "The most challenging part was the testing. But if the test weren't hard, it would be difficult to improve. The tests made me determined to study hard and practice more to become better."

What advice would you offer to those considering flight training or those just starting the program?

Zach: "To anyone considering flight training, I would recommend developing good study habits and coming up with a plan to pay for it. Those two are challenges I've seen before. If you have a plan with both of those subjects, the flight training will be easier."

Josh: "My advice to those considering starting or new to the program would be to study hard, but also to have fun. Flying really is fun and UVU is a great place to learn to fly."