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Mission Statement

The Budget Office ensures financial solvency by providing accurate and timely revenue forecasting, expenditure planning and review, and budget information.     The Budget Office maintains cooperative work relationships with University Leaders, faculty, staff, students, Commissioner's Office, Legislative Fiscal Analyst, and the community at large.

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  • Our Staff

    • Linda Makin
      Department: Planning & Budget
      Title: Vice President of Planning, Budget & HR
      Office: BA207C
      Email: linda.makin@uvu.edu
      Phone: 801-863-8457
    • Ellen Y. Sweat
      Department: Planning & Budget
      Title: Director
      Office: BA207D
      Email: ellen.sweat@uvu.edu
      Phone: 801-863-8516
      Fax: 801-226-5207
    • Susan Palmer
      Department: Planning & Budget
      Title: Budget Analyst
      Office: BA207B
      Email: palmersu@uvu.edu
      Phone: 801-863-6887
      Fax: 801-226-5207
    • Amber Reid
      Department: Planning & Budget
      Title: Budget Technician
      Office: BA207A
      Email: amber.reid@uvu.edu
      Phone: 801-863-5616
      Fax: 801-226-5207