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Utah Valley University’s lively community celebrates what it means to be a Wolverine all year long. Ever since UVU reached university status in 2008, our traditions have grown into hallmark experiences that bring Wolverines together and take the student experience to a whole new level.

Our campus traditions create a sense of community and belonging at UVU and make shared experiences for new students and upcoming graduates alike. Find your place in UVU’s unique campus culture and discover what it means to be a fearless, creative, lifelong Wolverine.

UVU Students bathed in green light with green balloons dropping on them

Why Green?

Green is more than just our school color at UVU — green is a mindset. An attitude. A lifestyle.

Green is a vibrant color that represents resilience and innovation. Wolverines show these traits as we stand for our university values of exceptional care, exceptional accountability, and exceptional results.

With a thriving campus community of determined students and tomorrow’s leaders, UVU lives up to the green spirit each and every day.

Wolverine Wednesday

Get Your Green On

Share your UVU pride by wearing green on Wolverine Wednesdays. Every week, you can find Wolverines across campus getting into the green spirit by showing off their UVU pride. And who knows? You might just score some food and activity discounts when you join in the fun.

Students in UVU gear

Willy the Wolverine

Willy the Wolverine

UVU’s mascot is the wolverine. Wolverines may be small, but they’re strong, too. In the wild, wolverines are fierce in the face of challenges and embody perseverance and courage. Just like wolverines, UVU students are determined, ambitious, and fearless.

While you’d be hard pressed to find an actual wolverine walking the halls at UVU, you’ll be sure to find Willy the Wolverine. Willy was named after the second president of UVU, Wilson W. Sorensen. He reps UVU at athletics events and hangs out on campus throughout the year.

The Den

Cheer on your fellow Wolverines with The Den, the official student fan organization of UVU sports. The Den is a place of community and enthusiasm where all students can receive complimentary tickets to regular season home games and get involved with other Wolverines.

The Den was named after the dwelling place of wolverines in the wild. Wolverines have a reputation of strength and tenacity, thriving in harsh conditions and taking on prey many times larger than itself. Wolverines will do anything to protect their den, and UVU Wolverines must also Protect The Den at games and athletic events!

UVU students cheering section

UVU Hand sign

Hand Sign

Whether you’re celebrating a win with The Den or posing for a photo opp, the Wolverine hand sign is a sure-fire way to show your Wolverine pride.

UVU Fight Song

Stand up and cheer mighty green,
We are the proud Wolverines.

Strong in battle till the game is done,
Till the victory we have won, won, won.

Stand up and sing UVU,
Our song will ring loud and true.

Follow your colors,
Be green through and through,
Mighty Wolverines of UVU.

Go! Fight! UVU! Go! Fight! UVU!

Annual Traditions

Wolverines come together and celebrate UVU throughout the school year.

Learn more about the annual events and activities everyone looks forward to as part of the Wolverine experience.

UVU Freshman convocation balloon drop

Freshman Convocation

Join us for a warm Wolverine welcome for incoming freshmen and first-time students!

UVU students playing Bingo

Wolverine Bingo

Kick off the new semester with Wolverine Bingo, a free event for UVU students.

Emrald Ball Entrance

Emerald Ball

Join us for UVU’s annual Emerald Ball, hosted by the UVU Student Association.

UVU Students celebrating at midnight madness

Midnight Madness

Kick off basketball season at Midnight Madness! Meet this year’s teams, and party with fellow Wolverines.

A Valentine with roses

Family Valleytines

With crafts, entertainment, food, and more, students can bring their own kids, nieces, nephews, and friends to enjoy a night full of hearts and happiness.

School spirit during homecoming

Homecoming Week

Celebrate being a Wolverine with UVU students and alumni! Cheer on our basketball team at homecoming.