The dashboard below displays student experience data for students doing internships while at Utah Valley University.  The data comes from the Internship Completion Assessment which each student completes near the conclusion of their internship semester.

Data Explanations

  • Current semesters are updated shortly after the end of a semester to ensure each semester's data is complete. Academic years are updated in early September.
  • This data is a representative sample of those students who complete our Internship Completion Assessment. A response count can be found on the data dashboard.
  • The combination of categories 'Offered job' and 'job is also internship' will not add up to 100% as those already employed with their internship provider will not be included in the job offer category.
  • Scholarship numbers are only displayed by college and are not specific to a major.

Useful Tips

  • If you observe an error or have slow loading time, refresh the page. 
  • If the view suddenly becomes blank while you interact with the data, you have unselected all of your filters. Make a new selection, and the view will reappear.
  • After selecting a particular data point, it will turn blue. To un-select, simply click on another data point, or re-click the one currently selected.
  • Use the download button in the lower-right corner of the view to download the currently displayed data in one of several formats. For a more specific data set, please contact: Marty Overly, Career and Internship Center

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