The Master Internship Agreement (MIA) is a legally binding contract between Utah Valley University (UVU) and the Internship Provider. The agreement outlines the responsibilities and expectations of students, the provider, and UVU. Additionally, it serves to protect both the university and Internship Provider from improper conduct on either end.

All Internship Providers are required to have an approved agreement on file prior to a student starting their internship. Agreements are valid for five years. Providers do not need to complete a separate agreement for each student they host. If you have any questions about the current status of an agreement, you can email .

How is a Master Internship Agreement Initiated?

The MIA is started by using one of the two link buttons below.  Internship Providers are welcome to complete the agreement at any time even if they have yet to hire an intern. In most cases, a Career & Internship Center representative will reach out by email if a student is trying to perform an internship with your organization and we do not already have an agreement on file.

Please note that only the Career & Internship Center and the Internship Provider will need to complete the agreement. Students do not need to sign. All MIA's are completed electronically through Adobe Sign.


Can I review the agreement before signing?

To access a review-only downloadable version of the agreement before entering the Adobe Sign system, you can access it here: UVU Internship Agreement.

What if I have questions or would like to propose addendums?

Please email the Director of Internship Services, Mckay Isham.

My organization will not sign an agreement and has our own agreement which needs to be signed.

Please contact the Direct of Internship Services, Mckay Isham and if applicable, inform the student that an agreement needs to be in place before beginning their internship. Often times these situations can be mutually worked out.

My organization will not sign an agreement and we do not have our own agreement in place.

Unfortunately in this case, we cannot provide interns to your organization because there is no agreement in place by either parties.

So I do not need to complete an individual agreement for each student performing an internship with my organization?

That is correct. Agreements serve to cover all students interning with your organization for a period of five years.

I received a request to complete an agreement, but I am not the individual who signs agreements for my organization. Can I forward the request?

Yes. If you received a request it is because you were identified as a student's internship site supervisor. We recognize that you may not be the individual designated to sign agreements. You can simply forward the email request to another individual in your organization.

Do agreements need to be completed if the internship is performed with Utah Valley University?


Note: Students should NOT complete this agreement. This should be completed by an appropriate staffed employee representing the Internship Provider (i.e. company, organization)

Please select the appropriate agreement based on one of the conditions below:

The majority of a student's internship duties will be performed in the United States

Domestic Master Internship Agreement

The majority of a student's internship duties will be performed in an international country

International Master Internship Agreement

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