The following should be referred to by all Faculty Supervisors as a guide for the UVU internship process.


  • Identify internship roles and responsibilities as outlined by the Internship Services department at UVU.
  • Answer common internship questions you may have as a faculty member or advisor.
  • Review the Application for Academic Credit as an application approver.


  • Contact the internship site supervisor during the internship to obtain an ongoing assessment of the student's performance.
  • Act as a resource person or consultant to the intern; giving advice and providing an opportunity for the student to reflect on what they are learning.
  • Offer support and advice for any special problems or work-related issues that may arise.
  • Set aside time to meet with the intern regularly throughout the semester or correspond through email.
  • Keep the Director of the Career & Internship Center informed of any problems with internship site or supervisor.
Evaluating the Intern
  • Verify that goals have been met and any academic projects have been completed.
  • Assign grades and class credit.
  • Ensure the student has completed the Internship Completion Assessment, Supervisor Evaluation, and other required assignments.
  • Inform the Career & Internship Center of internship opportunities that you may be aware of.
  • Monitor the student's assignments.
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