1. Find and secure an international internship. For help with this step, contact
  2. Begin the international internship application process at least six weeks prior to departure. Starting earlier than this will also increase your chances of ensuring all requirements are completed prior to departure for your internship.
  3. Complete all required travel steps with the UVU Office for Global Engagement. Please contact for instructions.

After you have received approval for travel from the Office for Global Engagement then complete the following steps:

  1. Consult your college's Internship Coordinator to discuss major internship requirements.
  2. Complete the Internship Orientation.
  3. Apply for and register for academic credit with your Internship Coordinator.


It is highly recommended that you submit your completed and signed application at least two months prior to the internship in order to allow time for all preparations and documentation to be completed. The university cannot guarantee internship approval, credit, or assistance with travel preparations for anyone starting the application process less than two months prior to their scheduled departure date and will not consider applications for those leaving in less than six weeks.

Paying For Your Experience

UVU International Internship Cost Calculator: The following will help you estimate potential costs of performing an international internship.

Other financial resources-

Career & Internship Center Scholarships: The UVU Career & Internship Center offers scholarships each semester, including the Unpaid Internship Scholarship.

Fastweb: An online resource designed to help you find great resources, including scholarships, in order to pay for your education.

Go Fund Me: Many students have utilized Go Fund Me in an attempt to help them pay for an enriching educational experience.

Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority (UHEAA): A subsidiary of the State Board of Regents, UHEAA is an agency of the State of Utah which administers Utah's student financial aid programs.

Useful Resources

The following resources provide some very useful information on a variety of factors relating to international travel including:

  • International Travel Medical Insurance
  • Smart Traveler Enrollment Program
  • Country Specific Information
  • Disease Control & Prevention
  • The CIA Fact book
  • Lonely Planet
  • Currency Converter
  • USA Passport Information
  • USA Embassies Worldwide