Internship Orientation

All students are required to complete the Internship Orientation prior to course registration and their internship. The orientation is designed to assist students with important internship-related matters such as professionalism, university internship requirements, and staying on track during the internship experience.

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Academic Credit

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In most cases, students may be able to receive academic credit while completing an internship. Depending on a student’s major and current progress toward their degree, individuals may be eligible for course credit specific to an area of study or as general elective credit. This varies depending on the structure of an academic department. Some departments require internships as a part of their graduation requirements.

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While many internships are paid and do not require a lot of travel expenses, students may discover that there are some additional costs associated with an internship that need to be considered. Factors such as the cost of performing an out-of-state or international internship, unpaid internships, and time away from a current job to perform the internship may present some financial challenges. At UVU we offer a limited amount of scholarship opportunities to help students with these costs. After all, we want all interested students to engage in these great opportunities!

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