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All students in Behavioral Science are encouraged to apply to the UVU Stronger Families Project (SFP). It is a premier relationship education program and college initiative. The SFP internship improves the lives of Utah families through evidenced-based psychoeducational classes and resource interventions taught by UVU students to community participants. Key outcomes are improved family relationships, mental health, stress management, parenting and marriage confidence, and childhood protective factors. Talk with your advisor to see if this is the right step in your professional preparation.  You can find other internship resources below.

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Local Businesses, Agencies and Non-Profits by Program Emphasis

A Bachelor’s Degree in Family Studies equips you with a broad sets of skills, such as communication, research, and critical thinking that can be applied in a diverse range of careers. In contrast, other majors (e.g. Education, Computer Science, or Culinary Arts) offer professional preparation for a specific job or set of jobs – i.e., Education majors are training to become teachers. The great thing about a UVU Family Studies degree is that it provides many options, even ones you may not have considered yet. The challenge is that it may seem overwhelming because you have so many possibilities—or in other words, “death by choices.”

What students must consider is that UVU Family Studies students have the responsibility of making decisions early about what types of careers or graduate programs they will want to pursue. Review and follow this Q and A handout FAMS Internship Info Sheetto help you make the best decisions for your internship placement. Then, they can plan their education accordingly with the help of their advisor or the Career and Internship Center. To be competitive, you will not only need a degree, but also experience in the field, either through a paid job, an internship, or volunteering. Students who begin early seeking relevant educational and applied experiences will most likely have an advantage in creating a competitive profile for the job market or graduate school. Early experiences will give you a foot in the door to viable employment options since you are already known to a potential employer.

The following are local employers on the Utah Wasatch Front that are listed by emphasis. Most of these also offer internships.

Addiction Recovery

Adolescent Education

Adolescent Residential Treatment


Disabilities Services

Early Intervention (Birth-Preschool)

Eating Disorders


Family Assistance

Families in Crisis or Abuse

Family Support and Education

Volunteer Opportunities & Others:

Community Job Boards

Below are some additional community job boards to further research available internship or job positions.

Department of Workforce Services DWS Logo

The Department of Workforce Services has many programs to help individuals and their families succeed. We offer many job seeker programs to help individuals land their dream job along with providing many types of assistance to qualified individuals and their families. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our services or stop by any of our employment centers for assistance. They are all FREE.

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