Display or Access Issues

Applies to: Internship Learning Agreement, Supervisor Evaluation, Completion Assessment
If you are experiencing issues with an assignment not displaying or you are receiving an error, follow the ordered steps below until your issue is resolved.
Ordered Steps
  1. Check that your internet is working properly.
  2. Ensure you are using a desktop or laptop computer.
  3. Clear your web browser's cache files. If you are using Chrome, here is a helpful link if you need it. Google Support. Other browsers have similar steps for this task and can be found by performing a general internet search on clearing cache for your particular browser.
  4. Restart your computer.
  5. Switch browsers. Best results are often seen using Chrome or Firefox.
  6. If your issue is still not solved, please contact: Marty Overly, Career and Internship Center


Helpful Hint: The steps above may also resolve other common computing issues!

Email Delivery Issues

Applies to: Internship Learning Objectives, Supervisor Evaluation
The two most common issues with email delivery are:
  • Entering an incorrect email address. If you are aware that this is the case, please use the Troubleshooting Form below.
  • Your internship provider's organization email settings are preventing delivery. You may want to consider asking your supervisor to check his Junk/SPAM folder.
If your issue is not resolved for the common issues above or any other email delivery issue, please complete the brief Support Request below and a Career & Internship Center representative will address your request.
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