Grade Change Procedure

Council on Academic Standards Grade Change Guidelines

CAS follows the guidelines below, referencing grade changes:

Add/Drop/Withdrawals Policy #503

Eligibility for Participation in Commencement Policy # 509

Graduate Admissions and Continuation Policy # 510

Undergraduate Academic Standards Policy #521

Undergraduate Credit and Transcripts Policy #522

Grading Policy #523

Student Code of Conduct Policy #541

Grade Changes approved by Faculty

Grade Changes approved by faculty (Specific to Policy # 523: 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6)

Council on Academic Standards accepts requests for Grade Changes.

Grade Changes with faculty signed approval are generally approved by CAS (Council on Academic Standards).

Grade Changes Not Approved by Faculty

Grade Changes not approved by faculty triggering student petition for the grade change through registrar (Specific to Policy #523: 5.4)

Because the decision of CAS is final, CAS takes every precaution for fairness to all involved:

            CAS receives the petition from the Registrar

CAS Chair/or acting designee will contact the student/s filing the petition, the faculty being petitioned and the respective department chair for purposes of

  1. acknowledging receipt of the petition
  2. allowing all parties involved an opportunity to furnish any additional information
  3. apprising all parties of expected timeline to final decision

Once all information is received, CAS will

  1. debate the petition arguing for both the student/s and the faculty
  2. meet as a unit and discuss both debates
  3. decide possible resolutions
  4. vote on the resolution/s

The final resolution/s (CAS resolution/s) will be sent by email letter to the Associate Provost.

The Associate Provost may either accept or ask for revision/s to the CAS resolution/s.

CAS will send a final notification letter by email to the student/s, faculty and chair.


CAS decision is final (Policy 523: 5.4.5)


If you have any questions please contact the Academic Standards Office at 801-863-8075 or find our contact information here.


To view the official policy on Undergraduate Academic Standards, click here.


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