Suspension Petition Process

Petition Submission

What is Suspension?

Suspension occurs when your cumulative GPA and semester GPA are below a 2.0 for the third semester.

The requirements for suspension are that you sit out for one full semester and petition to return to Utah Valley University.

Suspension is not a Punishment.

Our goal is to help you succeed!

The petition process helps us to understand the things you have struggled with so we can put in place programs and resources that will help you be successful.

Petition Deadlines

Be aware of the deadlines:

  • Just sitting out will not be enough to allow you to return.
  • Your petition must be turned in on time to be considered for the semester you want.


  • February 1 for Summer semester
  • March 1* for Fall semester
  • September 1 for Spring semester

* For students suspended during spring semester there is a June 1 petition deadline for fall semester.

Hints for the Petition

Be honest. We want as much information as possible so we can help you.

Be complete. Explain what happened each semester. Sometimes students write vague statements like "I didn't study," Why? Did you not take the time? Do you not know how to review for tests? Were you working too much?

Keep it simple and concise. One to two pages is normally enough to explain your situation.

Submit Your Petition

Submit Your Petition Online With the Following Form

Suspension Form

The Petition Review Process

Academic Standards Office and Standards Committee Review

First, the Academic Standards Office reviews all the petitions and makes recommendations.

For example, if a student does not have a major, we may recommend a student take career assessments. If a student struggles with math, we may recommend that a student visit the math lab.

After the Academic Standards Office has made their recommendations, they hold a meeting with the Academic Standards Committee.

The Academics Standard Office presents the students' petition along with their recommendation and the Academic Standards Committee makes additional suggestions, approves of or disapproves of recommendations.

Review Time Frame and Results

The petition review process generally takes between 4-6 weeks.

After the committee has made their recommendations, the Academic Standards Office prepares response letters.

Each petitioning student will receive an letter detailing the requirements to return to UVU. This letter will be sent via email to the student's UVU email account.

In addition, student are generally required to take a specific class as part of their requirements to return, such as:

After You Receive Your Letter

Begin working on completing the requirements in your letter.

Once the requirements are completed, you will need to set up an appointment with the Academic Standards Director:

  • During this meeting you will discuss the requirements you have completed and make a plan for the semester
  • The Director will remove your holds and help you register

You will have a monthly grade check as part of your requirements for suspension.

You must get a 2.0 for the semester you return or you will be moved to Dismissal status.


If you have any questions please contact the Academic Standards Office at 801-863-8075 or find our contact information here.


To view the official policy on Undergraduate Academic Standards, click here.


We are your partners in success!