Council Review Process

Below you'll find the process for Academic Suspension or Dismissal Petition Reviews. If you have a grade change or a grade dispute please review that procedure on our Bylaws page.

Academic Standards Office and Council on Academic Standards Petitions Review

First, the Academic Standards Office reviews all the petitions and makes recommendations.

[For example, if a student does not have a major, they may recommend a student take career assessments. If a student struggles with math, they may recommend a visit to the math lab.]

After the Academic Standards Office has made their recommendations, they hold a meeting with the Council on Academic Standards.

The Academic Standards Office presents the students' petitions along with their recommendations. The Council on Academic Standards makes additional suggestions and approves or disapproves of recommendations.

Review Time Frame and Results

The petition review process generally takes between 4-6 weeks.

After the Council has made their recommendations, the Academic Standards Office prepares response letters.

Each petitioning student will receive an email response to their UVU email account regarding their approval to return.

After You Receive Your Letter

Before they can register, students must meet with their Academic Standards Counselor/Coach to review recommendations, requirements, and plans for return, as well as removing holds.

You will have a monthly grade check as part of your requirements for Suspension or Dismissal return.

You must get a 2.0 for the semester you return or you will be moved to Dismissal status.


If you have any questions please contact the Academic Standards Office at 801-863-8075 or find their contact information here.

To view the official policy on Undergraduate Academic Standards, click here.

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