2022 Constitution Day - Reconstruction Amendments: The Roots of American Civil Rights


Speakers will take questions from viewers' at the end of each session. Viewers can submit questions throughout the session in the comments section for the YouTube feed or via email at constitution@uvu.edu.

About the Event

Leading scholars and researchers will present on Amendments 13 (abolition of slavery), 14 (equal protection and due process), and 15 (right to vote). They will also discuss the evolution of the notion of citizenship and accompanying legislation in the context of the Reconstruction period.

This conference will be an encore presentation and discussion of the material presented in July 2022 at Pembroke College, Oxford University, by constitutional experts, including Dr. Nicholas Cole and UVU students.


September 15

9:00 AM:  Session 1 
Clarke Building (CB) 101A/B

      Professor Kurt Lash (Professor of Law, University of Richmond

      Kiana McAllister (CCS Wood Research Assistant, Utah Valley University) 

      Erica Croft  (CCS Wood Research Assistant, Utah Valley University) 

      Dr. Nicholas Cole (Director of the Quill Project, Senior Research Fellow, Oxford University)


10:35 AM: 15 Minute Break

10:50 AM: Session 2
Clarke Building (CB) Room 101A/B

        Dr. Grace Mallon (Kinder Junior Research Fellow in Atlantic History, Oxford University)

        Dr. Bradley Rebeiro  (Associate Professor of Law, Brigham Young University)