The Visible Hand Project

The Visible Hand Project

New Civic-Education Resource for Utah Businesses

The Center for Constitutional Studies at Utah Valley University has launched the Visible Hand Project, which offers free, nonpartisan civic education to Utah Businesses and their employees.

This project arose in response to rising division, distrust, and contempt in our public discourse as we approach the 2024 election season.

Adam Smith’s invisible hand describes the unseen forces of self-interest that impact our free-market economy. While navigating these dynamics, business leaders can be among our state’s strongest civic leaders by not only choosing but also intentionally promoting civic wellness for the good of our community.

In many ways, employers are the leaders to mitigate these threats to American civic wellness, “since workplaces are the one place where all races, religions, and ages congregate and need to get along.” Businesses with civic-minded cultures influence employees in their personal lives by encouraging a mindset of bridging divides and fostering understanding. 

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