Partisan Polarization and Support for Democratic Norms

A 2022 survey asked respondents in Utah and nationwide to assess levels of partisan hostility, as well as support for constitutional checks and balances. In general, Utahns showed lower levels of polarization and greater support for democratic norms than the national sample.

Conducted by Jay A. DeSart, Chair of History and Political Science, Utah Valley University

How much do Republicans and Democrats in Utah dislike each other, and what impact does that have on citizens’ support for democratic norms? Those were the motivating questions behind the 2022 UVU Civic Thought and Leadership Initiative Survey. In short, we found that there is a good deal of animosity between the supporters of the two major parties in Utah, and that it has a modest effect on their support for such principles as the rule of law, the tolerance of opposing political views, and the value of political compromise.

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