Learners with Littles

Learners with Littles brings parents and children together to help all learn more about America’s heritage.

It is a monthly discussion series about American heritage on UVU campus for parents or caregivers of children (or for those who don’t mind children in the background).  

Adults complete 2–3 hours of reading in advance and then discuss the assigned texts together as a group. 

Each session—part of a series of four—will cover the following topics:

  • The American Revolution
  • Federal Constitution-Making
  • Interpreting the Founding at the Civil War
  • Keeping the Republic

Sessions begin with 30 minutes of social time with a light brunch and then one hour to discuss the reading. Children have a place to play and can choose coloring or craft activities. Caregivers are responsible for their children.  

Discussions are facilitated by Eleesha Tucker, Constitutional Literacy Fellow in the Center for Constitutional Studies at Utah Valley University. 

Information and read-ahead materials for individual sessions

Learners with Littles

See photos of past Learners with Littles events: