Civic Thought and Leadership Initiative


Constitution Day 2022

Mission and Charter


The mission of the Civic Thought and Leadership Initiative (CTLI) is to develop the next generation of citizens and civic leaders by cultivating the knowledge, skills, dispositions, and virtues necessary for a just, free, and flourishing constitutional republic.

CTLI leaders and staff accomplish this through mentoring UVU students, supporting K­–12 teachers, conducting research, and fostering civic public discourse.

Through a bill sponsored by Representative Jefferson Burton, the Utah Legislature established CTLI at Utah Valley University in 2021. The language from HB 327 outlines CTLI’s charter:

  • “Facilitate nonpartisan political discussion and provide civic education and research”
  • “Provide courses in and related to philosophy, history, economics, and political science”
  • “Provide resources to students, outside academic institutions, government agencies, and other persons regarding civic affairs”
  • “Foster thoughtful civic engagement in Utah and the surrounding region”

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