Spring 2023 Newsletter

Winter 2022 Update

Fall 2022 Update







Spring 2023 Update. CCS hosts First Amendment conference on religious liberty, Nobel Laureate Dmitry Muratov visits UVU campus, CCS and Oxford University partner together, CCS student–researchers explore state archives, spotlight on CCS's Nic Jensen, and more.










Winter 2022 Update. CCS gets a new senior director, Matthew Brogdon; renowned social scientist Arthur Brooks lectures at UVU; CCS hosts fall conference for K–12 teachers; UVU students present at Oxford; CCS's own Cashlyn English rides into the sunset; and more.










Fall 2022 Update. Read about Constitution Day 2022; the future of the Oxford–CCS partnership; an op-ed by CCS Civics Fellow Lisa Halverson; and Danni Maddox Gleave, longtime CCS employee, and more.