Civic Thought & Leadership Initiative

Reports on Survey Results

Partisan Polarization and Support for Democratic Norms

A 2022 survey asked respondents in Utah and nationwide to assess levels of partisan hostility, as well as support for constitutional checks and balances. In general, Utahns showed lower levels of polarization and greater support for democratic norms than the national sample. 

Conducted by Jay A. DeSart, Chair of History and Political Science, Utah Valley University

Civic Knowledge of Utahns

A statewide survey on a series of civics-knowledge questions finds that the average Utahn is “failing” in civics understanding. 

Conducted by Jay A. DeSart, Chair of History and Political        Science, Utah Valley University

The State of Civics Education in Utah

A statewide survey of K-12 teachers explores civics education in Utah and incentives/disincentives faced in the classroom.

Conducted by Glori H. Smith, Lisa R. Halverson, and Robert J. Burton, Civics Fellows at the Center for Constitutional Studies, Utah Valley University