CCS Scholarships

The Center for Constitutional Studies (CCS) sponsors three scholarships for UVU students interested in studying the important constitutional issues found at the intersections of political thought, public policy, religion, law, history, and economics. The Eric Zachary Wood Scholarship is given to graduating high school seniors who want to work at the Center for Constitutional Studies during their first year at UVU. The Rebeca D. Lockhart Scholarship is given to current CCS students at UVU. The Graduate Program Support Scholarship is given to juniors and seniors who are applying to graduate school. To submit an application for any of these scholarships, please visit the UVU Financial Aid and Scholarships website. More information on each of these CCS scholarships can be found below.

Eric Zachary Wood Scholarship

The Wood Scholarship covers the first year of UVU tuition and fees for prospective UVU students. Recipients must demonstrate an interest in and aptitude for public service, submit a letter of recommendation from a high school faculty member or guidance counselor, submit a letter expressing an interest in constitutional principles and public service, have a minimum high school cumulative GPA of 3.5, and graduate from high school prior to entering UVU. 
Application deadline: 1 March

Rebecca D. Lockhart Endowed Scholarship

The Lockhart Scholarship is for current UVU students at the Center for Constitutional Studies, and preference will be given to students involved with the UVU Women’s Success Center. Lockhart Scholarship recipients must submit a letter of recommendation from a professor, or a director, of the Center for Constitutional Studies.
Application deadline: 1 March

CCS Graduate Program Support Scholarship

The Graduate Support Scholarship provides funds to UVU juniors and seniors to help offset the costs of applying for graduate programs in the fields of political science, American history, legal studies, or civics education. These funds can be used to pay for graduate admissions test preparation materials and services, graduate program application fees, and other costs associated with applying for graduate study. Preference will be given to students involved with the Center for Constitutional Studies. Scholarship recipients must verify that they have applied to graduate programs by supplying communication from the organization/school stating that their application has been received, and also document the costs incurred from the application process.

Application deadline: 1 December

To apply to any of the scholarships above, please visit the following link: